Pilot Training

FAA (USA) or EASA (European) licences

A few of the airlines 2FLY graduates fly for

The Group prides itself on having a fleet of more than 75 aircraft and an experienced management team, all of whom have aviation backgrounds and a combined experience of more than 45,000 flight hours.

The group’s emphasis is ab initio training with a portfolio of programmes that cater for aspiring pilots seeking to achieve licences issued either by the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), or pan-European licences issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Each year, the Group delivers more than 400 flight tests making it one of the largest independent providers of career pilot training. With well-established flight academies on both sides of the Atlantic, 2FLY Group is able to cater for changes in industry demands while maintaining a progressive approach by identifying and producing high quality graduates for airlines worldwide.

The Group manages recruitment and cadet assessment offices on four continents to cater for this worldwide demand for excellent pilots.