Commercial Pilot Training

2FLY Group is unique in that it offers licence qualifications certified by either the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) or  the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The FAA licences are valid in America and the many other countries which recognise the FAA, while the EASA licence is used by the 26 member states of the European Union (EU). 2FLY is one of the busiest aviation training organisations (ATO) in the world carrying out over 350 skills tests and preparing more than 200 pilots to enter airline employment in 2014.

All FAA training is conducted in the United States at 2FLY’s bases on Merritt Island and Fort Lauderdale, both in Florida. These bases share a fleet of over 50 aircraft and simulators offering an eclectic mix of traditional analogue and digital ‘glass’ cockpit avionics. Courses offered range from a basic Private Pilot Licence (PPL) through to its renowned full-time Airline Pilot Program.

For those who wish to fly as a First officer for one of Europe’s many airlines, an EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) is the ultimate qualification, and 2FLY’s Pro-Pilot Programme is one of the best valued EASA ATPLs on the market today. It has been inexistence now for around ten years and was one of the first fully-structured back-to-back Modular ATPLs offered in the industry. The course takes advantage of 2FLY’s dual locations of Europe and USA delivering a most cost-effective training solution. Similar to the USA bases, the Spanish Academy also offers individual training modules from PPL through to jet training.

All 2FLY flight training benefits from access to Buzz Air for structured hour building using real routes across Florida and the Bahamas – something unique to 2FLY as an ATO.


Our FAA (American) license training courses take individuals from the private pilot all the way through the airline transport pilot certificates. These licenses are acceptable in the Americas and other countries around the world that have adopted the FAA rules.

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Our EASA (European) training programs take individuals from a level of zero flying experience to the issuance of a Frozen EASA ATPL certificate upon graduation. This EASA license is acceptable throughout Europe and other countries across the globe.

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